Kelly J. Nelson – Founder and Chief Creation Officer

Kelly has long been intrigued by working with mediums that create emotional, behavioral, physical, and entertaining links that traverse our lives in work and play.

Kelly’s career began at one of the world’s largest marketing communications design and production agencies, Jack Morton Worldwide. That background served her well as she went on from there to build extensive professional credentials in event design, award-winning creative direction, writing, and production spanning all media. Working with all types of industries, associations, non-profits and community organizations (e.g. Coca-Cola, Arby’s Inc., TechBridge, Cartoon Network, CNN, United Way, Girl Scouts of America) she developed her own singular, artistic voice.

For 19 years her first company, The Maverick Group (TMG), an experience design and marketing agency, provided innovative experience and design solutions unmatched in the industry. Today, Kelly continues to be a dynamic, passionate champion of alternative thinking and artistic envisioning, always pushing the boundaries of the normal to achieve more engaging results. Kelly’s unique perspective and ability to use creative thinking as a pathway towards strategically motivating behavior has made her a sought-after artistic creator and designer for a wide range of mediums and platforms.

Her work has brought her a bevy of awards garnered for creative direction, as well as countless accolades for her unique concepts and use of talent. Now at the top of her game after more than 25 years of creative leadership, Kelly is now busy with her experience engineering company L.E.D. which provides her with a constructive outlet for her groundbreaking artistic visioning.

In addition to being founder and Chief Creation Officer of L.E.D., Kelly is also the founder and creator of Luminocity, a collaborative platform of contemporary multi-discipline artists, incubated in 2007 and brought to life for the first time in the fall of 2010 in Downtown Atlanta to an audience of over 20,000 spectators. Luminocity is an original work of public art and performance that breaks through the traditional confines of stage and gallery. Lighted live performances of dance, drum, acrobatic, aerial, puppetry and extreme urban sport stunts intertwine with live music performances, broad spectrum architectural projection mapping, illuminated mobile sculpture stages, and other forms of multimedia. The public becomes part of the show, as they are invited to interact and even participate within the 360 experience. The entire spectacle is punctuated with thousands of LED lights bringing the night to light. Luminocity is just one of Kelly’s artistic adventures for which the nighttime urban streetscape is her canvas.