Talent Management and Booking

L.E.D. represents and manages a roster of top tier talent with expertise in the realms of circus, aerial, dance, variety acts, stunt acts, effects make up, set fabrication, aerial performance rigging and dance.

The L.E.D. talent roster is comprised of an extensive array of industry veterans who have been recruited for their specific well-honed skill sets. With an array of immensely skilled photographers, videographers, makeup and effects artists, riggers, set designers /fabricators, costume designers, choreographers, and creatives also under the representation umbrella of L. E.D. Experience, our agency is capable of delivering not just talent booking services but also jaw dropping concepts and content across a variety of mediums.

Partial Talent Roster


  • Adam Lowe (Juggling, Stilts, Comedic Character Work)
  • Brandon Ross (Puppetry, Clowning, Stilts, Juggling)
  • Eric Prather (Clowning, Juggling, Character Work)
  • Judah Andrews (Stilts, Juggling, Contact Juggling, Unicycle, Character Work)
  • Tucky Molyneaux (Fire, Burlesque, Character Work)
  • Todd Key (Stilts, Juggling, Character Work)
  • Zach Ogilvie (Juggling, Stilts, Fire)
  • Charlotte Dillard (Roller Skating, Hooping, Fire)
  • Aldanie Martinez (Fire, Capoeira, Character Work


  • Bubba Carr (Choreography)
  • Titus Davis (Dancer, Character Work)
  • Wren Fuhrman (Choreography, Aerial Choreography)
  • Somber Faith Johnson (Singer, Dancer)
  • Desiree Nathanson (Dancer, Character Work)
  • Jaidi Ventura (Dance, Stilts)


  • Wren Fuhrman (Choreography, Singing, Aerial Arts, Dance)
  • Melissa Coffey (Aerial Arts, Clowning, Fire, Character Work)
  • Hayley Adamson (Aerial Arts)
  • Thiago Tambuque (Aerial Arts)
  • Amber Monson (Aerial Arts)
  • Diego Serna (Aerial Arts, Costume Design, Stilts, Fire)
  • John Hartzell (Aerial Rigging, Aerial Dance, Acting)
  • Benjamin Oyzon (Aerial Rigging, Aerial Dance)


  • George Skaroulis (Piano)
  • Faye Petree (Violin, Aerial Violin)
  • Molly O’Roark (Harp)
  • DJ Mami Chula (Aerial DJ)


  • Stephanie Anderson (Makeup Arts, Effects Makeup, Costumes and Props)
  • Titus Davis (Makeup Arts, Effects Makeup)
  • Liam Nelson (Video Media Artist, Stand Up Comedy, Puppetry)Danyale Taylor (Set Design and Fabrication)
  • Mitch Mitton (Set Design and Fabrication)
  • Kelly Nelson (Conceptual Artist For Live Theatre)