OPENING SESSION AERIALISTS – High Rigged Daring Stunt Work

Aereography is the art of designing and staging compositions of movement governed by the mechanics of bodies in aerial motion; a portmanteau (combining Aerial + Choreography) coined by Peter Foy the founder of modern day aerial ying stunts.

  • Features exterior multi story up aerial dance, aerial music, zip line, stunt work, wall running, aerial suspension, long silks, aerial dance, and other breathtaking special effects.
  • Our Flying Directors are skilled Aereographers that bring all of their artistic capabilities and technical resources to bear, working in close collaboration with our directors, choreographers, designers and performers to create the kind of outstanding aerial effects sequences that have defined stage and screen for 60 years.
  • Our technically trained professional dancers and aerialists come from such backgrounds as Cirque du Soleil, Delaguarda, Momix, Stomp, and Pilobolus. While captivating the audience with “wow factor” feats, we also recognize the importance of both artistry and plot.
  • We combine these seamlessly! Our team specializes in mind-body bending choreography and vibrant interactive characters.

On the side of a building or performing on a traditional proscenium stage…for a highlight in a concert, or commercial branding purposes. We will take your event to a new breathtaking high–both literally and figuratively.

9          Photo by Ben Rose