“We believe great ideas are only great if they serve to meet and exceed our clients’ business objectives.”

L.E.D. is a world class entertainment design and production agency.  We don’t just provide talented performers for your next event or function, we deliver innovative, strategically based entertainment solutions that engage audiences, surpass client expectations and win business.

In addition to custom designed entertainment solutions of every type and theme, L.E.D. offers  “Experience Packages” that feature proven, award winning themes at value driven prices.  Here are examples of some of our more popular package themes:

  • Bond 007 — This tribute-styled event celebrates all that is Bond. Your guests will enjoy a little taste of what it means to live in the glamorous world of an international spy. Check out the video for the full immersive experience.


  • Hollywood — L.E.D. Entertainment brings the golden age of Hollywood back to life for your event! Check out the video for the full immersive experience.


  • Holiday — L.E.D. can provide a wide range of classic or contemporary holiday themes. From traditional to twisted humor, Holiday is one of our specialties. Check out the video for the full immersive experience.


  • Opening Session Aerialists  — L.E.D. designs and produces high rigged daring stunt work that astounds audiences.  On the side of a building or performing on a traditional proscenium stage…for a highlight in a concert, or commercial branding purposes. We will take your event to a new breathtaking high–both literally and figuratively.


  • Bollywood  L.E.D. brings the international flavor of Bollywood to your next event. Check out the video for the full immersive experience.